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Atlassian releases JIRA Studio 2.3 hosted development suite with improved agile planning, wiki and continuous integration

San Francisco, CA

September 27, 2010 - Atlassian, wiki,wikipedia,wikiler,wikimedia the makers of fast, simple software development and collaboration tools, announce the latest release of JIRA Studio. JIRA Studio integrates all of Wiki,Wikipedia,Wikiler,Wikimedia Atlassian's software development tools into a hassle-free hosted software development suite with applications for every member of the team and every phase of software development -- from initial concept through development, launch and support.

Version 2.3 includes significant improvements to the agile planning, wiki and continuous integration features, plus new authentication options for users that have added JIRA Studio to their Google Apps domain.

"Because it's hosted, JIRA Studio already saves software development teams tons of time on setup and administration of their tool infrastructure," said Mike Cannon-Brookes, co-founder and CEO of Atlassian. "With this new release, we've incorporated a lot of great features that help everyone on the team work faster."

JIRA Studio has been updated to include the latest version of GreenHopper, Atlassian's agile project planning and tracking tool. Improvements include:
faster, simpler user interface
in-line editing of virtual index cards during planning and status meetings
new cumulative flow diagrams for tracking in-progress work over wiki,wikipedia,wikiler,wikimedia time

The wiki has been updated with Confluence 3.3, Atlassian's popular enterprise wiki. The most significant improvement is faster content editing with automatic completion of links, images and macros. With the new wiki page gadget, content from JIRA Studio's wiki can now be embedded in any OpenSocial Dashboard, including JIRA Studio's dashboards or even Gmail and iGoogle.

Many JIRA Studio customers have integrated their development tools with their Google Apps domain for single sign-on and enhanced content and communication features. Each JIRA Studio instance now supports authentication via its built-in authentication system or Google Apps, so teams can expose their development tools to customers and outside contributors without requiring them to be domain members.

JIRA Studio with subversion hosting is available via monthly or annual subscriptions. Atlassian provides free one-month trials for JIRA Studio; experience the benefits of our development collaboration platform today.